Nov 19, 2008

Let's Start From the Beginning...

Several years  ago, after watching my mother bravely fight cancer and lose, I decided that life was meant to be lived.  

Back in late 2001 I submitted my first teaching exchange application to teach in Australia.  I figured why not, I was young and single.  After waiting months to hear where I would be going, the exchange never happened.    The matches I was offered didn't feel right, and I was left to stay behind in Canada.  

Time past and life happened.  I was involved in a car accident, I became a marathon junkie, I got sucked into the triathlon crowd,  I became an Ironman junkie, I had a much needed surgery, but I was still living in Vancouver.  Finally, the time was right again. 

In late 2007 I sent off my application to teach in Australia.  Again there were months of waiting.  One day an offer came my way.  It looked too good to be true - a primary school in Melbourne, Australia.  But it was true.  I had a match.  The crazy adventure was about to begin.  

Anyone who has been around me the past few months has witnessed the stress I've been under trying to get this adventure in order.  Countless forms to be filled in, hundreds of e-mails, hours of internet searches, and far too much time waiting on hold. 

Finally the big things seem to be falling  into place.

In 33 days I will be leaving Canada for a year.  I will start my journey in Thailand for a few weeks, and from there I will head to Hong Kong.  On January 14, 2009 I will make my official move to Melbourne, Australia.  I know it will be a year that I will never forget.

After much thought and some convincing from facebook friends, I decided to create this blog to journal my adventure. I hope over the next year I will be able to keep those that are interested in my adventure informed.  So bookmark this page as my crazy adventure is about to begin.......

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Red wine Nancy said...

Great idea! I look forward to hearing about your adventures!!!!!